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Just Another Blogger Stumping for McCain

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I started this post with a lot to say, but there's just too much--should've started this blog a lot eariler. I'm not a right-wing, rabid Republican--although that seems to be the standard response from the left. I'm not proud to admit it, but I voted for Bill Clinton in 1992, as my head was filled with the propaganda spewed by my high school teachers--and union workers, one of which was in my household. Imagine my surprise to find my choice of president that year would result in making Monica Lewinsky a household name. Around the time of that election, I also learned a thing or two about unions and "scabs" and the scary world of forcing people to assimilate for the good of the masses. Bad workers cannot be fired. Good workers cannot move ahead. New workers cannot be hired. It's deadlock, and it's part of what's crippled the automotive companies. Socialism at work--making equality of inequality and inadequacy.

Suffice it to say that as I entered adulthood, my political views were in their infancy. Having skipped over that whole history thing in high school--or rather, having just barely picked up on the liberal view points but not really agreeing with them--I was a blank slate. And ready to vote? Bill Clinton was the choice--maybe the voice--of young people. He was on MTV after all. During my early 20s, I read Atlas Shrugged, I dealt with a tragic family death and had a child. I developed a new perspective on what it meant to be an American--an individual. As Thomas Sowell says, I grew up.

Who You Calling A Racist? "Say It Ain't So, Joe" or "Whatcha You Talkin' Bout Willis"? I like them both.
If you don't like Obama, you're automatically a racist -- it's the automatic response from liberals. Does devaluing such a powerful word really help those who oppose racism?

Liberals tout Obama's education but discount his obvious ignorance in choosing his associates. It creates an interesting paradox. His followers and suppoters have turned a blind eye to any of these connections. They have no answers and can't bare to believe -- this is not a good thing.

For the little I knew about this league of Obama fans on sites like Digg, more importantly, I knew less about the Black empowerment movement that has been occurring in America all of my life. In recently researching Obama's ties to hate-filled groups, I'm truly astonished at this simmering revolution. Rev. Wright, Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton -- all have ties to Obama. The groups promote racism, hatred of Whites, of Jews. They promote the idea that white people -- White America -- are their oppressors, the enemy, the single wall between them and power, freedom, wealth. I've traced that legacy back through some other famous names: Malcolm X, Black Panthers and even MLK -- but MLK was considered a sell out to the white man. Louis Farrakhan encouraged a hit on Malcolm X, which ultimately led to his murder. In battling their oppression, they battled anyone who didn't completely agree with them, and their intentions are to fight ... to kill ... to conquer. It's been a wake-up call.

Without the influence of Obama's connections I might never have known that leagues of my fellow Americans -- Black Americans and other groups -- have been indoctrinated with ideas that I am oppressing them and they should rise up against me and even kill me (Farrakhan says in the name of Allah). Farrakhan has repeatedly made hate-filled statements targeting Jews, Whites, America, lesbians, Hollywood. He has called Whites “blue-eyed devils” and the “anti-Christ.” He has described Jews as “bloodsuckers” who control the government, the media and some black organizations. (, "Obama's Minister Honored Farrakhan," January 14, 2008)

The Obama liberals don't want to address any of these issues -- and, to them, racism only exists in the form of Republicans, those who question Barack Obama. They have no problem calling me a racist on a daily basis. But where are the answers?

Fact-finding and sources:
I will do my best to research all information presented as thoroughly as possible. Although I am biased, I'll try to stick to the facts--but you may also get my opinion. I will give you sources as links and/or as footnotes where applicable and available. This is not a guarantee but merely a statement. If I get something wrong, I will correct it. Contact me if you find factual error with what I'm presenting.

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