Monday, November 10, 2008

Bin Laden Planning to Outdo Sept. 11 Attack

Blogger covertress reports that an article she wrote, Bin Laden Planning to Outdo Sept. 11 Attack — which cites a London-based, Arab newspaper as reporting that "OSAMA bin Laden is planning an attack against the United States that will 'outdo by far' September 11" — generated a huge upswing in hits to her website and ponders the causal link.

I have never seen so many hits on my site as this weekend (17k+ and 24k+) when I reported that "Jihadists Call On Muslims to Attack" and this story. The only other time that I had thousands of visitors (6k+) was when I wrote "Allah Willing, the American Empire Will Collapse". One could conclude that there are many just waiting for the word. I hope I'm wrong. - c

The beginning of the "mettle" testing of not just the seemingly fearless but fully unprepared Barack Obama — but Americans.

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