Sunday, October 19, 2008

Introspect: Faces for McCain

A look at the varying faces supporting John McCain—in their own words.

The 2008 election year has seen voters split and split again along lines of ideology and cause, race and religion, hopes and dreams—and change. Ultimately we're all Americans expressing our voice as only Americans can.

Below are the voices of just a few of those who support Senator John McCain for president. What they share in common is that they're Americans first, they refuse to be separated along lines of gender, race or religion and most importantly, they know that John McCain can deliver the change that is needed for all Americans.

There are those of us who see through the frenzied media machine that is Barack Obama. We choose to look beyond his carefully crafted words, because we cannot take him at his word; beyond dramatic posters, because we do not buy into media hype; beyond skin color, origin or ethnicity, because we don't choose our leaders based on appearance. We want a president who is strong, capable and most importantly ready to fight to ensure that we, as Americans, all have the opportunity to live in a country of amazing freedoms, democracy and opportunity.


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