Thursday, October 9, 2008

Barack Obama & Bill Ayers

McCain ad delivers the heat.

*** UPDATED 10/13/2008 ***

"Guilt by Participation" Ad from John McCain


Will we see more from McCain now that we've scratched the surface? Let's hope this is just the beginning, but with under a month left can McCain make up for the failures of the media? If Americans can detach Mr. Obama from their visions of Martin Luther King's "I Have A Dream," they may finally realize this isn't the same man -- and this isn't the same dream. Martin Luther King was opposed by Louis Farrakhan. Rev. Wright, Al Sharpton, Father Pflegler, Rev. Meeks -- they all have connections to Farrakhan. They share an ideaology that Martin Luther King opposed. Americans can see that Mr. Obama not only condoned Bill Ayers viewpoints, but he launched his political career sitting in the man's living room -- just another neighbor down the block. Mr. Obama would like America to believe he has the character of the man endeared in America's heart, but that is only a dream. Please wake up.

Read my previous post on the Weather Underground.

Yesterday Michelle Obama said this:
"I don't know anyone in Chicago who is heavily in education policy who doesn't know Bill Ayers," she said. "But again I go back to the point that, you know, the American people aren't asking these questions." --Michelle Obama, 10/8/2008

I beg to differ Mrs. Obama. I'm an American, and I want answers.

Food for thought: Michelle Obama wants to speak for all Americans. Here she is pictured with Janell Meeks (wife of Rev. Meeks, Obama's "spiritual counsel") and Khadijah Farrakhan (wife of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan). Does Louis Farrakhan's message speak for you?

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