Thursday, October 16, 2008

'The Ultimate Jew' Responds to Silverman's 'Great Schlep'

Jackie Mason pokes holes in the 'schlep' and tells voters to support John McCain—or whoever they want.

The "Great Schlep": Sarah Silverman encourages young voters to harass their grandparents into voting for Barack Obama. We've got to give it to her, Silverman is very good at monologues, like that one from her Sarah Silverman Program where she had to go to court and fight to get her dog back—after she was caught licking its butt. We can appreciate the metaphor as it plays out in the "Great Schlep," and wonder just how many nannys, papis, grandmas or grandpas want advice from Silverman on judging character. She's got the market cornered on f@#king Matt Damon and shirking every ounce of morality, but little Sarah-bots berating grandparents—who've certainly earned the right to apply their experience in making a decision—seriously?

Jackie Mason seizes this sentiment with his response to the overzealous if not completely disgraceful Silverman.

"The Great Schlep"

*** UPDATED 10/18 ****
Another famous Jewish liberal opines on Democrats:


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Is Sarah Silverman right? Is Obama friend of foe of Israel?

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